Alycia Huston of Majestic Soul Woman, 

Invites You To… 


A 2-Day Transformational Live Event 

For purpose-driven women searching for a powerful breakthrough to unleash their full potential and harness their divine greatness 

September 22-23, 2017

To the Visionaries, Goddesses, Trailblazers, and SHE-E-O’s… 



Create a life full of purpose, desire, and abundance. Answer your divine calling. If you’ve been searching for a solution to help you turn your vision into success - this is it. I’m here to help guide you to your divine feminine essence and step into your FULL potential. 

Are you ready to live the life you’ve been destined for? 


I believe in your divinely appointed gifts, your life’s calling, and your abilities to deeply influence the world for a higher purpose. 

I know it can be a struggle to forge ahead in your life and business because everywhere you turn you are bombarded with one-size-fits-all solutions that never keep their promises.  

I want you to imagine your life the way you wish it were right now, and I want you to surrender your fears to embrace your vision. Because your success and revelation are possible. 

Are you ready to TRANSCEND above what you never thought was achievable and walk within the realm of possibility? 


Don’t be held back by… 

  • Fear, doubt, or worry-filled thoughts that take over your mind and stop you from living your calling. 
  • Lack of clarity in your purpose that halts you from taking a leap of faith towards the life you are destined to live. 
  • An unworthy mindset because you are more than valuable, and you are worth more than you ever thought possible. 
  • An absence of confidence that makes you feel like you aren’t meant to do this, or aren’t made to live the life you want. 
  • Confusion, a dream-stealers greatest weapon, this is your time to reclaim your power and accept the clarity that is right in front of you. 

If you feel called to join me and 75 AMAZING women, but you’re afraid to say yes because 

you don’t “feel ready.” 

I want you to know… 

 NOW is your time to RISE

I want you to have all of this… 

  • Two days full of powerful breakthroughs, sisterhood connections, and ultimate clarity to fully embrace the life you were always destined to live. 
  • A daily life full of less hustle and more joy, ease, and trustful intuition to create your life without hardships. 
  • A comfortable place to connect and collaborate with women who accept their divine feminine power and support women just like you to do the same. 
  • More knowledge from experts who’ve been down the road of ‘detouring’ and seek to help you follow your journey without falling off track. 
  • Expert strategies that you can immediately apply in your life and business for growth and flourishing.  
  • A strengthened mindset supported by spiritual tools to help you eliminate blocks that are holding you back from taking the quantum leap you’ve been desiring. 
  • Personal, Spiritual, and Financial growth to propel you in the direction to live a more freedom-filled life of purpose and hope. 

You’ve been called to take action to live your mission. 

I welcome you to join TRANSCEND for 2 days to help you embrace all that you’re meant to have, and all that is waiting for YOU.


TRANSCEND is a live event hosted by Alycia Huston, Sacred Soul-Love Guide & Biz Architect. 

TRANSCEND is 2 transformational days full of women’s empowerment, vision clarity, purposeful life building, life changing connections, and soul growth. 

You are fully able to live your divine calling, and when you join this life transforming event you will have complete access to the strategies and tools you need to walk in strength and power. 

“The accountability coaching with Alycia has helped me to implement practices that I always knew I should be doing, but didn’t make time for because I had created a priority excuse of just not having enough time. I had forgotten the power of speaking daily affirmations aloud, and I would rush off to my workday like most people, slightly frazzled! Alycia made time during consultations to allow me to talk about various parts of my life and observed what practices I could implement immediately to help me achieve more balance and centeredness. Alycia shared invaluable material and personalized affirmations that I could use to support my goals for my life. The enthusiasm Alycia brings into each session is contagiously inspiring. I feel blessed to have her belief in me, her true knowing that I can create the lasting change, which I was seeking for myself. “ 

- Christina W.

There is no better time than NOW to stop living a life you aren’t fully happy living and START walking the journey that has been whispering your name. 

This is your moment to break FREE from a heavy-hearted life of discontent and connect with your soul’s purpose. 

Are you feeling chosen to step into your divine power and fully unveil your opulence? 

You’ve been called by a higher power to live a life of meaning. 

Take a look at the days ahead waiting just for you… 

During this live event, you will… 

1. Gather tools to help you clear blocks which may be holding you back from your breakthrough. 

2. Harness your vision for your life and create a life you will truly love and be eager to live. 

3. Take action to live your life by design, flourish in your calling, and greatly impact the world with your divine feminine power. 

4. Design a balanced life without stress, worry, or restriction. 

5. Lead a life full of love, trust, self-mastery, magnetism, inner-knowing, connection, and wisdom. 


Alycia Huston is Soul-Full Business Mentor, who helps passionate women radiate their brilliance and feminine magnetism through powerful mind shifts and soulful nurturing. 

Alycia wholeheartedly believes in living life by Divine Design. Her experience and personal journey have greatly inspired women to find their own strength to release self-doubt and personal judgement, and live the life they desire.  

“Alycia helped me to understand that it is important to take care of your physical and mental health and that it is okay to take time for oneself. Alycia taught me how to set goals and how to reflect on things that were working in my life and things that did not. I loved the motivation, accountability, and love that Alycia gave to me! You can truly tell that Alycia cares and other people’s successes make her excited. Alycia is always there to listen. She understands a woman’s struggles within relationships, raising kids, working full time, and health. She is an amazing spirit. She will hold people accountable to find their place in life where they are happy and successful. LIFE hits us hard sometimes, and Alycia has been there and understands. She will not judge. She will support and love you.” 

- Angela V. 

I know that life can sometimes feel intimidating and overwhelming. You’ve felt called to live a different life for so long, but it’s been hard to trust that voice - hasn’t it? If you never take the leap of faith needed to live the life you’re truly destined to live then nothing will change. I know you’re yearning for change, for something more, and this is your moment to accept all that you are - all that you’re meant to be- and LIVE. 

Get ready to embrace... 


Your passion is overflowing, and your purpose is calling out your name. You were never meant to live an ordinary life hustling day in and day out, doing what doesn't bring you joy. You know deep inside that this is your calling and this is your time to RISE and TRANSCEND.  


Unleash your divine feminine power and embrace the life that is waiting for you. You are an extraordinary woman who is called to do great things for a purpose greater than you’ll ever know. The world is waiting for you to accept your chosen path, embrace your walk, seize your journey, and connect with women who will help you succeed in your life. 

A woman with as much brainpower as you have will surely have questions. I’ve got your answers right here. 


Is this event right for me if I don’t know what my calling is or what exactly I want to do with my life or career? 

Of course, it is! Sister, if you’re reading this right now, you are already feeling called to live a different life on a new path. When you join us for this event, you’ll TRANSCEND and discover what you’ve been searching for all along. This is perfect for you. 

When do I need to book my room and is the price included in the ticket? 

Your room is not included in the price of the ticket. Your ticket to this event will cover all of the expert knowledge and insight you’ll receive over the course of our 2-Day event. All rooms need to be booked in advance before September 7th to secure the early bird special rate of $159/night that I’ve secured for you. The special rate is good for three days before and after the event. Parking is $5/day and is not included. 

What is included during this event? 

On Day one Lunch is provided. A three course meal with beverages and dessert. Evening Mix and Mingle Reception hosted by Alycia Huston. This includes heavy hors d'oeuvres and nonalcoholic beverages (there will be an open bar, at your own cost). 

On Day two you will have the freedom to explore the local eateries around the hotel. Please click here for local options. 

All other options are additional and can be added at your own cost. 


If you are interested in vendor participation, please contact: 

we have limited spots and would love to have you. 

My promise to you is this… 

When you leave this event, you will not walk out the same woman you were when you entered. You will have experienced an extraordinary transformation, life-changing lessons, and the clarity you’re searching for right now to harness your divine purpose and live your ultimate calling. 

"I have been working with Alycia for close to 3 years. I searched for support and guidance to help me with my health & wellness goals and overall positive energy for my life until I finally found Alycia. My goal initially was to work on my fitness plan, but I quickly decided I wanted more for myself both inside and out. She has been an excellent guide and mentor and is very prompt and thorough with answering all of my questions. In these 3 years, I have learned how to make better choices mentally and physically and have learned it's okay to take care of me. She has a great support system for any and all, from young to old. Alycia makes you feel comfortable and gives you a platform to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable. These programs can be used in all aspects of life, she teaches self-love which helps us make better choices in every part of life." 

-Erika G. 

"I have known Alycia for well over 3 years, and I can honestly say I’ve never met a woman with as much divine intuition, spiritual guidance, and knowledge to help women reach their full potential in life. Knowing and working with Alycia is always an inspiring and transformational experience. I am beyond thankful to have Alycia in my life because I know I can count on her and she provides invaluable accountability and support. She always has everyone’s best interest at heart, and she lives to help women become a part of her big mission which is to impact the world with divine feminine power. I’m forever grateful for having met Alycia when I did. I’m excited to continue to work with Alycia and gain more knowledge and inspiration from her beautiful soul." 

-Michelle W.